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Company accounts


If you regularly need documents to be notarised, it may be more convenient for you to set up an account with Notary Co UK in Victoria. We can then bill you monthly. Terms and conditions apply: please enquire.

Notary Co UK payment terms:
Unless agreed otherwise: -
* All disbursements over £100 must be paid at the time instructions are made 
* Accounts become due for payment 14 days from the date of the invoice. 
* First time clients to pay in full before documents are released 
* We reserve the right to refuse credit. 

Registered Client Scheme

If you think you may need documents notarised in the future please ask to be registered with us - it will save time in future as, once we have your signature and ID on file, we may not have to see you sign every time. As a company account holder you will automatically be joined as a registered client.

How to join? Just ask. There is no extra cost. You make an appointment to see the notary; either he will come to you or you will visit the office most convenient to where you work or live.

The Notary Public will check your identity and, if you are signing on behalf of a company, the notary will check your capacity or authority to sign on behalf of the company. A numbered, securely sealed certificate is issued to you and a copy is held on file by the Notary. Full instructions on how to use the certificate is given to you when you register with Notary Co UK contact us now to register.

If you are located outside the central London area we can still offer a fast notarisation and legalisation service: just ask.


Company visits

If your documents to be notarised are extremely urgent ...
Where your time is of the essence …
If several people have to sign a business agreement …
If you can’t leave your trading desk or office ….

It may be more convenient for the notary to attend your company premises. Please email or phone to arrange. Additional charges apply.


Instruct Us

The fastest way to get in touch with us is to email your instructions. You may choose to print and complete this Instruct Us form and scan and email it back to us at

We will acknowledge receipt of your email as soon as possible – if you do not hear from us within the day then please phone 020 7630 1777 or 0844 884 8791 or see Contact Us for more numbers.

The information we need is: 
* Contact details of person submitting the request; email, phone, mobile...
* Company name (if applicable)
* Name of person signing the document
* Does the document need an Apostille? Yes | No | don't know
* What country is the document(s) for?
* How urgent is the matter? Very | Quite | 5 days
* How will Notary Co UK receive the documents? Courier | Post | DX | Other; please specify 

Frequent notarial clients are welcome to set up an account with us. This enables us to notarise your documents immediately. Clients must register in advance.

Please email or phone to arrange. Additional charges apply.







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