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All notarial services are available from Notary Co UK

What documents need to be notarised?
What is Legalisation?
London Legalisation and Apostille Service
What documents may be legalised?
Express Legalisation Service
Company Accounts
Going to work abroad


What documents need to be notarised?

The most frequent document notarised by us at Notary Co UK your notary in London - is a Power of Attorney; closely followed by making certified copies of various certificates.

We work with all sizes of international companies from ‘one man’ enterprises selling shares in a foreign registered company to multi nationals exporting all manner of goods and services.


Documents we notarise include:

Corporate records | Contracts and different types of Declarations | International Affidavits | Sworn Statements | Depositions | Adoption Home Study Reports and related documentation | Documentation in connection with Bills of Exchange | Shipping documentation | Certified Translations | Fingerprinting confirmation | Lost Passports & Birth Certificates | Change of Name | Marriage Certificates & Confirmation of Single Status | Certified Copy Documents | Statutory Declarations | Authentication of identity and signatures | documents in connection with sponsoring relatives from abroad


What is Legalisation?

Legalisation is the official confirmation that the signature, seal and stamp of the notary is that of a genuine, practising UK notary public.

Stage one involves the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO): they verify the notary’s signature and attach an ‘Apostille’ to your document or to theNotarial Cover Sheet prepared by the notary.

Stage two: some countries require a further verification process from their embassies or consulates. Notary Co UK can do all this for you just ask.


London Legalisation and Apostille Service

Notary Co UK provides a full legalisation service. We take care of the whole process for you. Once legalised, your documents maybe collected, couriered back to you or sent on to their final destination.

We offer a ‘normal’ Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Apostille service - this takes about 4 working days – and a same-day service. The FCO charge £30 per Apostille stamp per document.

Consular legalisation: we are highly experienced in the process of Consular legalisation; we understand the various requirements and know the likely time scales involved. If the notarised document donor is a company, the legalisation process can be more complicated as in the case of documents for Saudi Arabia. Documents for Saudi Arabia often have to be presented to the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry and/or the Arab Chamber of Commerce. We can advise, just ask.


What documents may be legalised?

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Document in connection with getting married abroad.

UK birth, death, marriage and civil partnership certificates.

UK Educational Documents.

British passports.

Change of Name Deed Poll.

Religious documents.

UK County Court documents.

Powers of attorney.


Affidavits, declarations and notarial acts.

Certificates of incorporation and other documents issued by Companies House.

Export certificates.

Documents from HM Revenue and Customs.

National Identification Certificates

Medical documents.

Foreign documents and translations.

Foreign language translations of UK documents.


Express Legalisation Service

Notary Co UK provides a same-day Foreign and Commonwealth Office legalisation service.

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Agency Service: as we are close to most international embassies and consulate offices,
we provide a Consular legalisation service for other notaries or individuals – please enquire.




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