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CountryFocus: Argentina

notary Argentina

Trainee notary Guy Mathers has recently returned from a visit to Argentina, where he had the chance to work along side with Dr. Marcelo Román Rosas, notary public (escribano) for the town of Puerto Deseado.

The escribano in Argentina is a well-respected public figure. Just like over here, there’s often only one notary in every small town, and a few more in big cities – but they have a much higher profile. Everyone knows their local notary, and everyone needs him, too – the notary has to witness every sale of property, whether in Argentina or abroad.

If you’ve dealt with us before here at Notary Co UK, you might know that UK documents often need to be legalised with an apostille or with a consular stamp in order to be valid abroad. But a document in Argentina also needs to be legalised by the notary authority (Colegio de Escribanos) in order to be valid in a neighbouring town! You can imagine the paperwork. Proper document verification is a serious business in Argentina.


But for Marcelo, this isn’t just business, it’s also a family tradition – he’s following proudly in the footsteps of his father before him. He hasn’t only been a notary, though – when he was a teenager, he led a group of divers who discovered the wreck of a two-hundred-year-old warship, and last year he realised his lifelong dream of opening a cocktail bar. Que tengas mucha suerte, Marcelo!

Guy also worked alongside his good friend, Argentinean lawyer Dr. Roberto Manuel “Tito” Pérez, pictured here hard at work.Tito, who is passionate about his work in the fields of employment law and personal injury, is still going strong in his 70s and has no plans to give up just yet.

I don’t do divorce cases any more, though” he says. notary Argentina

“I’m fed up with people crying in my office”.



Marcelo and Tito are just two of the many notaries and lawyers with whom we have strong connections in the UK or overseas. If you are looking for legal expertise here or abroad, just ask our advice.

Going to live in Argentina?
If you are planning to live here for an extended period of time, it is important to register with the (British) Embassy when you arrive in the country. The Embassy can help when you need to find out how to register a marriage, a birth or a death, what happens when you retire, or simply how to apply for a passport or legalise a document.


Guy Mathers usually in London


About Argentina
Argentina is the second largest country in South America and 8th largest in the world. It is made up of 23 provinces plus its capital, Buenos Aires. The country covers a continental surface area of 2,766,890 km² (1,068,302 sq. mi) from the Andes mountain range in the west to the southern Atlantic Ocean in the east and south. Paraguay and Bolivia border it in the north, Brazil and Uruguay in the Northeast and Chile in the west and south.

Argentine culture has significant European influences and Buenos Aires is often compared to major European cities, such as Paris or Madrid. Outside of the capital city, the gauchos and their traditional country lifestyle still have a large influence.

Argentina offers a wide selection of cultural and social activities for British nationals visiting the country, including learning the tango…

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