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The Work of a notary


Power of Attorney

As a notary in London, the most frequent document I am asked to notarise is the Power of Attorney. A Power of Attorney is a legally-binding document that authorises a third person, often a foreign qualified lawyer, to act for them. Usually a Power of Attorney will need to be legalised; I can advise – just contact me, Basil Preuveneers, on 020 7630 1777 or email me directly.

Certified Copy

“How do I obtain a certified copy of my passport?” is a frequent question. I can usually provide this service quickly and simply. Make an appointment to come to see me, bring your current, unexpired passport with you. If you are a woman who has married since your passport was issued, bring in your marriage certificate as well.

For children, we need to see the child and their birth certificate (which must show the names of the parents). We also need the passport or other acceptable ID of at least one parent who must come with the child.

For notarised copies of academic certificates ...
Certified copies of various certificates …
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At Notary Co UK London we provide a comprehensive Translation and Foreign Office Apostille and Consular Legalisation service.

What is Legalisation, what is an Apostille Certificate and what documents may be legalised?


But There's More ...

That's not all .. notaries are often called upon in the most unusual of situations dealing with all manner of documents, for example

Witnessing events
Consent to Travel
Travelling overseas
Police Certificates
Getting married outside the UK
Have you made a Will?

Consent to travel

Child going on a school cruise? Child travelling with grandparents? Prevent border delays when your child travels.

Different countries and different carriers have different rules when it comes to taking children on board; proof that a child has parental or guardian permission to travel may be required. To be safe, ask Notary Co UK to prepare a travel consent letter for you or notarise one you have prepared in advance.

United States of America USA
Did you know that a child departing the United States and other countries, travelling with only one parent, a guardian, grandparents or other adults must have a written and notarised Permission to Travel Letter from both birth parents or legal guardians to enter many countries, even on a cruise ship's shore excursions?

The Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade reminds visitors that "Foreign officials and transportation companies are vigilant concerning documentation for children crossing international borders. Make sure you carry the proper identification for yourself and any children travelling with you, including any documents that might be required by the authorities of the country you intend to visit, and by Canadian authorities on your return to Canada with the child*."

* under the age of 18

Travelling overseas

Whether for an extended holiday… going to work abroad … medical doctor relocating to Australia … engineer or railway worker going to the Middle East … teacher relocating Dubai … retiring to Spain … going to work in Bulgaria … with children … getting married …

Whatever the reason, different countries have different entry requirements. The Foreign Office web site has plenty of useful information and your employment agency should be able to tell you what documentation is needed.

It is likely that various certificates will have to be provided in advance of any application – it is never a good idea to let original certificates go - many are irreplaceable. MyNotary London can make certified copies; your notary in London can notarise and legalise the necessary documents.

Police Certificates
Are for people wanting to prove that they do not have a criminal record; you may require one if you are appling for a visa or residency in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and United States of America. We can certainly help you.

Getting married outside the UK
You may need a Certificate of No Impediment (obtained from your local Register Office in the UK) this may need to be notarised. If you have been married before, then the Certificate making Decree Nisi Absolute or your previous spouse's Death Certificate (if applicable) may also be need to be legalised.

In The Netherlands (Holland) for people moving to the Netherlands who were married in a different country,


Legalisation is the official confirmation that a signature, seal or stamp on a UK public document is genuine. Legalisation is usually required by foreign authorities before they will allow a UK document to be used for official purposes in their country.

Documents must first be legalised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) –an apostille certificate is glued to the document. The apostille certificate confirms the signature, seal or stamp on a UK document to be genuine so that it will be accepted when presented in another country outside of the UK: only the FCO has the authority to issue Apostilles in the UK.

Some countries – for example the UAE and Qatar – also require a further Legalisation procedure. An additional fee is payable as the embassy charges for these services. The process can be long-winded; your notary in London, Basil Preuveneers or Charles Guthrie, can arrange the whole notarisation and legalisation for you as appropriate.

Have you made a Will?

Although here at Notary Co UK we only undertake notarial work, we work with Private Client Lawyers who offer a range of services.

For individuals involved in notarial matters it is often appropriate to make a Will or to review an existing Will. If you don’t have a Will, or divorce or remarry before making a new Will, the government decides who gets what!

Notarial clients who have bought property overseas have raised concerns about how to deal with transfer of title after death. Some countries outside the UK have a mandatory or optional Register of Wills - all have different rules and regulations. For instance in France (and other countries) you cannot cut certain close relatives out of your Will – they must be provided for. We know that many UK nationals owning real estate in Spain often opt to make a separate Will.

Many Brits have bought holidays homes in Bulgaria; the Bulgarian Will-making process can be expensive and long-winded if undertaken outside Bulgaria. A preventive measure is to have your UK Will notarised.

For small businesses without legal departments to look after such matters, notarial business may lead to a review of partnership documentation or director’s agreements and the like. Here at Notary Co UK we can offer informal advice and, if necessary, point you in the direction of an expert on these and other matters of a legal nature. Just ask.



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