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Police Certificates
We are often asked about Police Certificates, when people want to prove that they do not have a criminal record. If you require a police certificate for the purposes of applications for emigration, visa or residency in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and United States of America, we can certainly help you.

Proof of Life
A seemingly unusual request is for the notary to tell you that you are alive! You probably already know that but the organisation paying your overseas pension may not believe you. They need to prove you are alive – presumably they have been caught out by fraudulent claims where relatives continue to claim long after the pensioner has died.

Here’s a Novel Idea
Amongst the many interesting people we meet, we meet a lot of authors. Why do they need a notary?

The thing is, when you write a novel, and get it published, the first thing that all the film moguls in Hollywood will do is to beat a path to your door to buy the film rights. The agreement has to be notarised. You should not immediately assume that your book is now going to be made into a BlockBuster or television series – it is simply that the film industry bosses buy up most books in order to ensure that the opposition don’t get them.

Writing can be lucrative business and the usual rate is $250,000 as a down payment and a further ¾ million dollars if they decide to make a film out of your book.

Perhaps it’s time to think again if you have a good book in you? A number of authors who have come to see us to notarise licence agreements think so.

Are your children travelling abroad without you?

xxx In recent years, concern about parental abductions -- where one divorced parent steals the child away from the other one-- has prompted border officials to be more cautious when they encounter a child travelling with just one birth parent.

If you're travelling as a solo parent with your child -- or if the child is travelling with a grandparent or guardian-- at a minimum, the travelling parent should carry a letter of authorisation from the absent parent, giving permission for the travel.

It's quite likely that, you won't be asked to show any travel consent letter however some cruise liners insist that children travelling without their parents (on a school trip for example) present a ‘Letter of Authority’ before boarding documents are issued. Such a ‘letter’ may indeed be a simple letter or the notary can draft a statement for you to sign and have notarised. Notary Co UK will prepare the letter for you for no additional cost provided you email the details in advance or when making an appointment; just call we’re happy to help. Better safe than sorry!


Getting married outside of the UK
At Notary.Co. UK, we see many couples who need to sign a "Non-Impediment" Certificate. This is a document you need if you are getting married abroad and it is a statement sworn before the Notary confirming that you are not already married


Brazil Wedding

A wedding on an exotic beach in Bali is a great attraction to many couples, and generally speaking, the UK will legally recognise any marriage conducted in another country, provided the marriage complied with the laws of that county.

But how do you make sure your marriage abroad is recognised in England and Wales?

  1. Make sure the ceremony strictly follows the law of the country where you marry
  2. Obtain an official copy of the marriage certificate
  3. Obtain a certified copy of the local equivalent of the Register of Marriage

You may choose to lodge the two documents above (with certified English translation where appropriate) with the General Register Office, thus creating a record in this country of the foreign marriage.

The Citizen’s Advice bureau has a lot of helpful information on the topic of marriage including

marriages by proxy. Notary Co UK have notarised documents in connection with such a marriage – it was for Brazil.   A marriage by proxy is one where one or both partners are not physically present at the ceremony. Marriages taking place under United Kingdom law are not valid if they are by proxy. However, United Kingdom law may in some circumstances consider a proxy marriage to be valid if both of the partners are ‘domiciled’ in a country which recognises marriages by proxy. The concept of ‘domicile’ is very complicated. If you need to know about the validity of a marriage by proxy you will probably need to seek specialist legal advice



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