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Translation Service.


Your documents are not in English? No problem!

If the document you need to have notarised is in a language other than English, the notary may be able to notarise it contains a complete English translation. 

In exceptional cases a document can be notarised in a foreign language alone if the Notary is satisfied that you fully understand the nature of the legally binding agreement you are entering into. However, there must be an English translation if the document is going to be legalised. 

Notary Co UK offers a comprehensive translation service. When necessary, we can also arrange for documents we have prepared in English to be translated into a foreign language. Obviously, this can take some time so if your transaction is urgent please try to instruct us well in advance. We will agree the extra charges with you before making the arrangements.

Quotations and Pricing.
If you are able to email your document to us we can then provide quotation without obligation. There is no surcharge for urgent work or work completed over a weekend or holiday.









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