Attest / Notarise Documents

Sometimes the terminology or wording requirements are different. We may be asked to attest a document, or to certify a document, or to notarise a document. Essentially, it’s the same thing; if you are not sure, just ask us.

Apostille Legalisation

An apostille is the stamp of approval of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  As we visit the London-based business desk twice a day, we can get documents legalised very quickly.

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Translate Document

If your document is not in English, we still may be able to notarise it. However, if necessary, we can arrange for an authorised translation to be made that will satisfy the requirements of HM Government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).   

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Notary Service

Notary co uk provide a friendly and approachable, fast and efficient notarisation translation and legalisation service.  For example: 

Problem: you have been offered a job in Dubai; they want you to attend a meeting on Saturday morning, you must take with you a set of certified academic certificates.  Today is Wednesday, its 6.16 pm. You live in a beautiful rural location in Sussex.

Solution: you call our out-of-hours 0844 number – we arrange everything for you.  We check your ID, witness your signature, check the validity of your qualifications (as necessary) we get a fast-track apostille from the London business desk of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, rush the paperwork to the UAE’s Embassy for consular legalisation.  The documents can be collected or couriered back to you or sent via specialist courier to their final destination.  Not only does the international courier service provide an online tracking service, Notary co uk do as well

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We prefer you to make an appointment, but do have a walk-in service. And an ‘out of hours’ service.