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Legalisation for China

Consular Legalisation


Commercial Document
Personal Document
£47.00 (£78 Express)


4 working days Standard, 3 working days Express


Monday to Friday
09:00 - 12:00


Visa Center, Bank


0207 631 1430



Bundles allowed
Copy of Apostille required
Signature of applicant on the form
Embasssy form must be accompanied


Last updated: 07/05/2019

People’s Republic of China consulate requirements

You will need to sign this form and post it to our offices with the other relevant documents.

The form can be downloaded here: Legalisation form

Notary.co.uk will ask you for the information to process the forms on your behalf.

The relevant fields on the application need to be completed correctly and the preferred service selected and signed on the fields provided.

A full copy of the notarial document legalised by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (with Apostille) also needs to be submitted along with other copies as detailed below.


Documents containing two or more pages must be bound by silk ribbon and sealed so that they are tamper proof. Please do not use plastic or hard paper cover sheets to bind your documents as they might be refused to be processed at the consulate.


A blank page can be added at the end of your document if it contains two or more pages.


The person bringing the documents to the consulate must provide a passport or other government issued photo ID. If an agent is used authorisation letter along with his passport copy need to be submitted as well. Documents for private use must be submitted along with a copy of the passport of either the applicant or of the person mentioned in any document.


For commercial documents, if the documents mention an incorporated body, a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation must be lodged along with the Current Appointments Report showing a list of Directors or Partners and a copy passport of a Director or Partner or all Directors and Partners mentioned in any document to be legalised.


The Consulate does not accept any passports issued by Republic of China (Taiwan) as they are not official documents and will only accept a Travel Document for Mainland China issued to Taiwan residents.


All Certificates of Non-Criminal Records cannot be older than six months as they will be rejected.