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Legalisation for Cuba

Consular Legalisation


Commercial Document
Personal Document


7-10 working days


Monday to Friday (closed Thusday)
09:30 - 12:30


1st of May (Day of the workers)- 25th, 26th y 27th of July (Día de la Rebeldía Nacional)- 10th of October (Independance day)


15 Grape Street


020 7240 7463



Bundles allowed
Copies required

English Documents
The Cuban Consulate will translate your documents in to Spanish. Cuban Consulate requires an English and Spanish version before they will legalise the document, both copies will require the FCO Stamp.
A postal order or bank draft is needed in the name of "havin". £22 is charged if the documents are submitted by post or on behalf of the person listed in the documents
Spanish Documents
Documents can be lodged directly into the Consulate without the English version, FCO Authentication will still be required.


Last updated: 24/06/2019