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Last updated: 09/01/2019

Educational Qualification

Please note that according to the request of the concerned authorities in the State of Qatar as of 1st June 2016, all Educational Qualifications (Level 5 and higher, see appendix) must be supported by the 3 items below:

1 - Certificate/Diploma
2 - Supporting transcript
3 - A cover letter from the issued educational provider confirming ALL the points below:

• The mode of study: whether full-time or part-time
• The type of study: whether distance learning (E-Learning) or Face to Face learning (on campus learning)
• Location of study
• Location of examinations
• The actual dates of study (start date and the end date) Kindly note:

• All 3 items mentioned above have to be attested by the UK's Foreign & Common Wealth Office (FCO) prior to submitting it for legalisation at the Embassy of State of Qatar - London.

• Any certificate obtained via distance learning (Online) will NOT be accepted for legalisation.
• For any certificate, where the place of study and examination are outside the UK will NOT be accepted for legalisation.