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Country Focus


Notary Co UK’s Basil Preuveneers and LisaP for the MyNotary Network joined a trade delegation organised jointly by the London South Side Chamber of Commerce and the British Serbian Chamber of Commerce.


The Country
Land-locked Serbia has a population of 7 million; it is located on the fringes of eastern Europe. It currently borders -to the north, Hungary: to the west, Romania and Bulgaria; to the south, Macedonia and to the west, are the countries that once made up the Kingdom of Yugoslavia – namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia.

At the end of World War II, Serbia became a federal unit within the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia. Its current borders were established following a series of wars in the 1990s that resulted in the dissolution of Yugoslavia. Even now there are visible signs of war damage in the capital city, Belgrade.

More about the history of Serbia may be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_modern_Serbia

Serbia is in the process of applying for membership of the EU. The currency is the Serbian dinar (Euros are acceptable in most circumstances) the rate of exchange (June 2018) is 1 pound sterling to 135 dinars or one euro buys you 118 dinars


The Business Opportunity

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Meeting at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce
2 / 6
Basil Preuveneers at the White Palace
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Natasa Babic, Basil Preuveneers and Nebojsa Radovic outside the office of Radovic Law Firm, Novi Sad, Serbia
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Basil and Lisa with the HRH Prince Alexander
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Vladimir Bozovic – Government of the Republic of Serbia
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Meeting at the British Embassy in Belgrade

Serbia is a country eagerly seeking foreign investment and trade opportunities, hence the trade mission. Lisa and Basil attended 2 business forums. The “How to do business with United Kingdom” meeting was held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS) in Resavska Str., Belgrade; The delegation was addressed by Jelena Jovanovic, director of the International Economics Relations Division of the CCIS. Sessions covered ‘Bilateral cooperation between Serbia and the United Kingdom’, ‘Advantages of the UK market for Serbian exporters’ and ‘Investment opportunities in Serbia’.

Click here to learn about “Serbia: Your Next Investment Destination” (PDF)

The document includes interesting and, useful for investors, information on the following: -

• Geostrategic position.
• Serbia at a glance.
• Favourable business environment.
• Encouraging investment regime
• Free zones
• Highly qualified workforce.
• Macroeconomic background, stable GDP growth
• Success stories

On day two of the visit to Serbia, the delegation travelled by coach approximately one hour north to the city of Novi Sad and attended a meeting of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of South Backa Administrative District. They were addressed by Mr Gorham, secretary, head of the office for local economic development of the city of Novi Sad.

Serbia produces various agricultural products, mostly grains, fruits and vegetables which constitute a significant part of its GDP and exports. Last year, Serbia was the world's largest exporter of raspberries. It exported around 63.000 tons, earning 200 million USD. Its traditional competitor, Chile, was ranked second with around 35.000 tons. Please contact the notary Basil if you are interested in establishing a business connection in the import/export of soft fruits or truffles.

During the visit they met Tibor Strajh, the business development director and senior partner of http://thetrufflesco.rs he said that his firm supplies the finest truffle available anywhere in the world. Food technologist Milena Zdravkovi explained her role in developing truffle-based products. Again, contact notary Basil if you are interested in establishing a business connection.


Conducting Business with Serbia
Whilst in Serbia the delegation met many business owners including lawyersanchor link and software developers, all eager to establish trade connections with the United Kingdom. Lisa chatted to https://www.ingsoftware.com/

"Our team can provide a wide range of mobile, web, desktop and enterprise software technology expertise across all major development environments, frameworks and platforms"


A company representative explained their latest application – a technical medium for divorced or divorcing couples!

Firms wanting to set up in Serbia can take advantage of the highly competitive operating costs – average salaries are estimated to be around 500 Euros a month.


The Jolly. Lisa says:
We flew with Wizz Air from Luton airport directly to Belgrade and stayed in the very nice new Saint Ten Hotel in the city centre. The visit included a walking tour of Belgrade, a river cruise and some excellent meals out, a visit to the British Embassy and the Royal Palace – The White Palace where we met HRH Prince Alexander. Our thanks go to London South Side Chamber of Commerce and the British Serbian Chamber of Commerce for organising a great event


Basil and Lisa met lawyer Nebojsa Radovic and advokat Natasa Babic from Radovic in Belgrade. Lisa writes, “we were invited to visit Radovic’s offices in Novi Sad. It was fascinating for us to see the sympathetically restored old premises and to meet the staff. The firm represents banks acting as a debt collection intermediary-before-court-action and provides employment and commercial advice. Languages spoken include Russian, German and Slovene. Contact Lisa at admin@mynotary.co.uk for more information


Serbia Lawyers: Belgrade, Serbia
Advokatska Kancelarija Radovic & Ratkovic Investing in Serbia Law firm: +381 11 3287255
Radovic & Ratkovic Leading Experts in Commercial Litigation +381 11 3287255

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