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Bank Statement Document

Bank Statement

A bank statement is a summary of financial transactions over a given period of time for a bank account either held by an individual person, a collection of people in the case of a joint account, or a business. A bank statement is a method in which a bank can account for the money that the account holder has deposited with them.

Bank statements traditionally are issued in paper form by a bank or building society to the account holder, but many financial institutions have moved to paperless statements. This means that bank statements can be accessed through a secure online portal provided by the bank and can often provide a statement of account for any selected period of time. Electronic statements are more readily accessible.

Notaries are often asked to provide certified copies of bank statements as proof of address, proof of funds and financial stability and for anti-money laundering purposes. Notaries can also certify original bank statements if a paper copy is available, or if using a paperless system, the Notary may ask you to log in to the online banking portal and print off a statement before them so they can ascertain that it is a true copy of the electronic statement.